Each year, the Idaho Forest Products Commission hosts a forest tour to provide Idaho opinion leaders with an opportunity to meet some of the people working
in Idaho’s forest businesses and associated agencies and to learn about the opportunities, issues and challenges facing Idaho’s forests.

2016 Agenda

Thursday, September 15, 2016

7:15 am (PST)     Bus Departs Templin’s Resort in Post Falls with local & driving participants

8:00 am             Arrive in Coeur d’Alene Resort Aviation Services Conference Room (772-3731)*** Welcome, Tour Overview & Ground Rules ***

STOP 1                “Logs To Lumber: Technology, Products & Certification” ***  Mike Henley, Idaho Forest Group – IFG Chilco Mill

STOP 2                “Idaho Forest By the Numbers – Economics Contribution” *** Dennis Becker – U of I, Policy Analysis Group

STOP 3               “Truckin’: Moving Logs, Lumber and Chips” *** Frank Buell, Buell Trucking

STOP 4                “Welcome to Farragut – Managing Forests in a State Park” Michelle Younquist

STOP 5                “Insects, Disease and Invasive Species Oh My!” Sandra Kegley, USFS and Tom Eckberg, ID Dept. of Lands

Noon Break          Delicious lunch – Sunrise Shelter

STOP 6                 “Forest Ownership and Management Objectives – Part 1” David Gabrielsen, Hancock Forest Management (TIMO) Paul Buckland, Inland Empire Paper (Private)

STOP 7                 “Wildlife in the Woods: Managing Forests for Critters” James Derrig, Idaho Fish and Game

STOP 8                  “This Land is Our Land – Meet the Funks ” *** aka: “Forest Ownership and Management Objectives – Part 2” Steve & Janet Funk, Edgecreek Tree Farm

STOP 9                  “The Nuts and Bolts of How Trees & Forests Work” *** Dan Miller, Steve Bloedel and David New

STOP 10                “Firefighting: A Hot Topic” *** Shane O’Shea & Fire Crew – Idaho Department of Lands Mike Behrens, U.S. Forest Service and BLM

5:00 pm                 Crusin’ the Coeur d’Alene on the Osprey – Coeur d’Alene Resort***

STOP 11                  “The Future Built with Wood” Jeremy C. Jeffers, Jeremy C. Jeffers Architect, LLC Toothsome Dinner

7:30ish                   Arrive at Hotel/ Check In EXIT 5 – Red Lion Templin’s Hotel, 414 East First Avenue, Post Falls, ID Tel: 208/773-1611

6:30-7:00 am      Rise & Shine, It’s Time to Eat Again – Breakfast available from 6:30 a.m. Templin’s Resort Depart at 7:15 a.m.

STOP 12                 “Reforestation: The Beginning of Future Forests” USFS Nursery*** Aram Eramian, U.S. Forest Service CDA Nursery

STOP 13                 “Does Money Grow on Trees” David New, Growing Excellence

STOP 14                 “Timber for Sale: How it works” *** Joe Larson & David Brummer, Stimson Lumber

STOP 15                  “Logging in Idaho: The Modern Paul Bunyan” *** USFS “Fuel Reduction” Timber Sale “Bull of the Woods” Jeff Connolly, Mike Reynolds Logging, Inc. John Cosolito & Matt                                        Staudacher, U.S. Forest Service

STOP 16                   “Best Management Practices – Protecting Forests and Water” *** Tom Johnson, Idaho Department of Lands

Noon Break              Sumptuous Lunch on the Lake – Priest Lake Museum***

STOP 17                     “Forest Certification: A 3 rd Party Point of View” *** David New, Growing Excellence