Tree cross sectionThe Idaho Forest is the source of a wide variety of products that people use every day. Lumber and paper are the two most obvious products. But the range of of forest products includes chemicals and materials that are important ingredients in plastic filler, varnishes, toothpaste, shoe polish, foam rubber, and food products.

Idaho's forestry professionals respect the resource they work with. In fact, once a log reaches a mill, there is virtually no waste. The majority of the log is used to make lumber-based products, including framing lumber, siding, decking, and stock from which pencils are made. Wood chips are used to make paper and a variety of engineered-wood products used in construction, such as particleboard and oriented strandboard. Other wood-fiber byproducts of the milling pocess are used to fuel electrical generators to run factories. And the bark of the tree is used in landscape mulch, soil condioners, medicines, and cosmetics.