In relation to the size of the total state economy, Idaho's forest products industry is one of the most significant in the nation. Idaho's wood and paper industries account for nearly one-fifth of all the labor income generated in the state, and more than one-tenth of the state's total employment.

Idaho's forest-products industry contributes more than $90,000,000 each year toward public schools -- that's more than 8% of the total public school budget. Included in that figure is roughly $25,000,000 representing the forest product industry's share of State Endowment Fund interest paid to the schools, and another $52,300,000 in direct contributions to the Fund from timber sales on state lands.

The sale of timber on national forest land is an important source of revenue to many Idaho counties. By law 25% of the gross harvest revenue from each national forest timber sale goes to the counties. These "25% Fund" receipts are used to fund county schools and county roads, and provides a valuable property-tax offset for county residents.

Forest products companies operate in 30 of Idaho's 44 counties. The many wood products made in Idaho benefit consumers throughout the United States. In fact, just 13 percent of Idaho's forest-product output stays in the state!