Watch these videos about making pulp, paperboard and tissue products at Clearwater Papers in Lewiston, Idaho. 


See how Clearwater Papers in Lewiston, Idaho turns wood chips and sawdust into pulp, the main ingredient used to make the many paper products we all use every day. Click here to watch.



Paperboard is the material used to make folded cartons, liquid packaging, paper cups and plates and printing paper.  It needs to be strong, uniform and clean. This video shows the process of turning pulp into products we use every day. Click here to watch.


Tissue paper

Most people know that paper products come from trees.  This video shows the technology, machinery and people-power Clearwater Paper uses to turn wood pulp into paper towels, facial tissues, napkins and bathroom tissue.  It’s a fast, safe, efficient and fine-tuned process. Click here to watch.



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