Who Makes What? During 1990, 172 first-tier forest products companies were operating in 30 of Idaho's 44 counties. This tally includes:
  • 80 Sawmills producing the lumber and timbers used in residential and commercial construction
  • 5 Plywood Plants manufacturing plywood for use in flooring, walls, and roofs
  • 1 Oriented Strandboard Plant producing OSB for use in flooring and walls
  • 1 Particle Board Plant making particle board for cabinetry, furniture, and flooring
  • 1 Pulp & Paper Mill producing wood pulp, and paper for packaging, printing, and personal care
  • 26 Cedar Mills manufacturing posts, rails, shingle, shakes, decking, and siding
  • 22 Log Plants producing logs for log-home construction
  • 27 Post & Pole Plants producing utility poles, and other post and pole products
  • 9 Miscellaneous Facilities producing wood pellets, wood chips, and generating electricity by burning wood byproducts
An additional 39 second-tier forest products companies operated in 16 Idaho counties. These operations produced such products as window and door frames, moulding, trusses, pallets, finger-jointed building materials, laminated beams, and other specialty wood products.

Sales & Production Volume

In 1992, sales of lumber and wood products totaled roughly $2 billion. Total pulp and paper sales were around $504 million. 1993 lumber production totaled about 1.86 billion board feet, with an estimated wholesale value in excess of $874 million.