Federal Lands Task Force Report

New Approaches for Managing Federally Administered Lands

“A Report to the Idaho State Board Of Land Commissioners By
the Federal Lands Task Force – July 1998”
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In 1996, the Idaho Legislature passed a bill authorizing the State Board of Land Commissioners, “To enter into a joint exercise of powers agreement with the United States Forest Service in the Department of Agriculture, pursuant to Section 67-2328 Idaho Code.” In response to this action the State Board of Land Commissioners appointed a task force and charged them with examining alternative methods of federal land management in Idaho.

The Task Force consisted of people familiar with the management of federally administered lands, the management of state and private lands, issues affecting the various resources on these lands, and the potential impacts on the physical and economic environment of the use of these resources.

Beginning in October 1996, the Task Force met in a variety of locations in Idaho and heard testimony from people representing a wide range of interests in federal land management issues and concerns. Many of the people who appeared before the Task Force were federal land management agency employees. Without exception, these individuals were highly professional, with a deep-rooted interest in the land they were charged with managing, and concern for the effective operation of the agency they represented.

This report documents the activities and deliberations of the Task Force. It describes the alternative land management approaches considered, develops the framework of proposed pilot projects to test their application on federal land, and defines how they achieve the functional objectives. We commend it to the Idaho Land Board with the belief that the ideas and proposals incorporated herein will be a first step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of federal land management in Idaho.

Breaking the Gridlock

Federal Land Pilot Projects in Idaho
A report to the Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners by the Federal Lands Task Force Working Group December 2000