Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Descriptions

  • All PLT workshops have proven activities that help you accomplish curricular goals in meaningful ways, and are offered for professional education credit (for recertification). Each title is provided for a separate credit. There is no prerequisite for these workshops, but we highly recommend taking the General PLT workshop early in your PLT “career.” You’ll want to take them all!
  • Engaging Elementary workshops focus on trees, forests and ecology, and on using PLT environmental education activities to accomplish a variety of curricular goals.
  • At the Focus on Early Childhood workshop. activities integrate nature-based exploration, art, literature, math, music and movement, and outdoor play into early childhood education programs. The activities highlight the importance of kinesthetic learning and engagement by incorporating music and movement using an accompanying music CD. We offer STARS hours in addition to university credit.
  • Three Cheers for Trees. This 4-hour version of the Focus on Early Childhood workshop is especially for daycare and preschool providers. 4 Idaho STARS hours are provided, but no university credit.
  • Focus on Literature with WILD, WET and Learning Tree workshops incorporate elementary children’s literature with activities from Project’s WILD, WET and Learning Tree.
  • Wildfires and Weeds workshops focus on two “hot” environmental issues: wildfires and invasive species. Since each Wildfires & Weeds class focuses on different local issues, you may wish to consider attending them throughout the state!
  • The Walk in the Forest workshop takes you into your local forests. During the school year, the Friday evening session is classroom-based, with Saturday forest-based. During the summer, both days may be spent in the forest. Learn about forest ecology, land ownerships and mandates, how and why forests are managed, and how to help students learn outside. Connect with local foresters and other resource people.
  • ForesTree & STEM, Wood you believe? Investigate Idaho’s trees, forests and forest products in a STEM context. Do hands-on inquiry activities from Project Learning Tree and other programs, indoors and out. Identify and measure trees. Make paper and test paper qualities. Go behind the scenes where wood products are made. You’ll leave eager and equipped with abundant resources to explore these topics and activities with your students.
  • Talk Trash workshops focus on where stuff comes from, where it ends up, and what happens to it inbetween. Topics: Renewable and nonrenewable resources, recycling, compost, landfills, energy and more.
  • In Focus on Communities workshops we’ll explore the places we live–past, present and future. Join us to learn more about your community by investigating its history, looking at changes over time, and considering its future.
  • WILD About Forests workshops, jointly offered by Project WILD and Project Learning Tree, explore the vital connection between forests and wildlife both large and small. Get out on the ground with people who work with wildlife in Idaho ’s forests, and learn how forests are managed to meet the habitat needs of a multitude of species (including humans)!
  • In the Focus on Urban Forests class, we’ll explore your community’s trees. We’ll learn about the many benefits they provide for the environment, the economy and your community. You’ll learn from people who care for your urban or community forest, the issues and challenges they face, and how community members can be involved.


Why Attend an Idaho PLT Workshop? 

You will: 

  • Participate in hands-on (and minds-on!) PLT activities, both indoors and out.
  • Expand your knowledge base.
  • Enhance your teaching skills.
  • Plan ways to use PLT activities to accomplish existing curricular goals and meet education standards.
  • Join the growing community of educators who believe in PLT’s approach to education.
  • Receive PLT materials (PreK-8 Activity Guide, Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, or Secondary Modules).
  • Earn university credit (optional).

For more information call: 208-334-4061 or email plt@idahoforests.org

Learn more about Project Learning Tree at www.plt.org.