Idaho Forest Practices Act

Minimum stocking after harvest: Acceptable Trees

Average Size Class
DBH – Inches
Average Number
Trees Per Acre
Average Spacing
in Feet
2.9 and smaller
3.0 and greater
5.0 and greater
8.0 and greater
11.0 and greater
16 x 16
20 x 20
27 x 27
35 x 35
47 x 47



Supplemental reforestation may be required three growing seasons after harvest, if the Department of Lands determines that stocking levels do not meet the above standards. Reforestation must be completed before the end of the fifth growing season after harvest.

Some lands are exempted from reforestation requirements:

  1.  noncommercial forest lands;
  2.  lands being converted to nonforest use;
  3.  a forest practice that will result in 10 acres or less below minimum stocking levels.