093wwaIdaho's forest-products industry contributes more than $90,000,000 each year toward public schools -- more than 8% of the total public school budget.

By law, 25% of the revenue earned by the federal government through the sale of timber on national forest land must be returned to the counties for use by the schools and to maintain county roads. In 1995, national forest timber sales generated $4.5 million for Idaho's public schools. In addition, the forest products community contributed some $22.4 million to Idaho's schools through property taxes, another $27.9 million in income taxes, and $15.5 million dollars in state use taxes and state sales taxes. The state income fund accounted for another $4.4 million of forestry's total contribution to Idaho's public schools.

The forest products industry also provided $17.1 million to public schools in 1995 through Idaho's state Endowment Fund.