21.5 million acres of forest land

16.5 million acres are productive timberlands

What’s the difference between forest lands and timberland?

Forest land is defined as land that is 10 percent forested by trees of any size. This includes land that may have been naturally or artificially regenerated.  

Timberland is forest land that is available to harvest and capable of productivity over a long period of time. These are Idaho’s working forests that provide the wood and paper products we all use.

Of the 21.5 million acres of forestlands, 16.5 million acres are productive timberlands.

Tree IconFOREST FACT: “Timberland” is forest land that is capable of producing 20 cubic feet of wood per acre per year where timber harvest is allowed.

The graphic below outlines Idaho’s timberland ownership:

Timberland and forest land ownership in Idaho

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 * Area of Forest Land By Species