Idaho forests: a miracle at work

Our forests provide a myriad of ecosystem services

Idaho forests are a miracle at work.  They provide an incredible array of resources for things we can’t imagine living without: clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, products we use everyday and healthy habitats for fish and wildlife. But the environmental benefits of forests go even deeper.  Forests provide a myriad of ecosystem services that benefit all living things including humans, who enjoy quality recreation and cultural experiences in Idaho’s urban and rural forests.


Forest ecosystem services can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Provisional (water, food and materials) 
  • Regulating (air and soil)
  • Supporting (habitat and biodiversity)

FOREST FACT: 63% of Idaho’s water supply comes from its forests.

In this section, learn about the environmental benefits of forests including how forests: provide water, food and materials; regulate air and soil quality; support habitat and biodiversity. Learn even more useful information about the environmental benefits of forests with links to materials and other websites.

Click on the image to learn what makes a forest ecosystem and its dynamic cycles in this short Forest Fast Break video, or click here.


Learn about forest ecosystem services from Idaho-based Managing Idaho’s Landscapes for Ecosystem Services (MILES)



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