IFPC forest ownership pie chart

Ownership Determines Management

There are thousands of forest landowners in Idaho including federal, state and local governments, private businesses, tribes, families and individuals. Each landowner has specific objectives for their forest ranging from environmental to economic values that determine how their forest is managed.

Federal, state and private owners each have different goals or objectives for their forests based on legal requirements or personal desires. And each has different requirements to implement management actions on the lands they own or manage.

Tree IconFOREST FACT: In Idaho, 14% of forests are privately owned and 86% are managed by the government.


Tree IconFOREST FACT: Private forest landowners include families, individuals, companies and tribes.


Tree IconFOREST FACT: National forests occupy nearly 40% of Idaho’s land mass, more than any other state.


Tree IconFOREST FACT: Timber harvest is possible on only 29% of federal timberlands managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

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